Half Round Sign

$400 AUD $440

Colour: Black

The Half Round Sign is refined, well-crafted, and a nice spot for good branding. Designed in a friendly semi-circle shape, this wall sign is the perfect way to showcase your branding & attract customers off the street. Stand out with this modern and minimal 3D sign.

For a different option of our Half Round Sign, have a look at our Round Sign and Blade Sign Range, or for a bigger version, take a look at our Medium Round Sign and Big Round Sign.

Please note: This sign is not compatible with magnets.


Sign Width: 400mm / 15.8”
Sign Face: 279mm /11.0” (W) X 627mm / 24.6” (H)
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 1.3kgs / 2.9lbs


Does the Half Round Sign come with screws for mounting?

The semi-circle store sign comes with screws for mounting on drywall and wood, and concrete. Other types of screws will be available from your local supplies store.

Does logo printing come with the Half Round Sign?

We sell our storefront signs as blanks and don't provide a signwriting service. However, the Half Round Sign is really easy to get branded by your local signwriter. If you send them your design and tell them it is going on a round 16"/40cm faceplate they will be able to get it applied for you.

What height do you recommend mounting the Half Round Sign?

We recommend mounting the Half Round Sign above 6.8'/2.1m high. This gets the store sign out of the way for people, whilst still being at a good height for visibility. However, the mounting height for the Half Round Sign really depends on each location.

What material is the round storefront sign made from?

The store sign is made from 100% aluminium. We made the Half Round Sign from aluminium as this material can not rust and lasts better outside than other storefront signage materials such as wood and steel.

What other names do people use to describe the Half Round Shop Sign?

The Half Round Sign can also be called a Blade Sign, Outdoor Business Sign, Shop Sign, Storefront Sign, and Store Sign.

Does the Semi-circle Sign work in high wind locations?

Yes, the Half Round Sign is great in windy locations due to the solid base for fixing the sign onto the wall.

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So happy with our new signage. Great quality and service. Highly recommend!