Big Round Sign

$960 AUD

Colour: Black

The Big Round Sign is our largest round sign for spaces that demand scale and clean design. With this big metal sign, your cafe, shop, or business will have a bigger presence on your street. 

Please note: This sign is not compatible with magnets.


Distance From Wall: 962mm / 38”
Sign Face Diameter: 806mm /32”
Mounting Plate: 10mm / 0.4” D x 75mm / 3” W x 500mm / 20” H
Material: Aluminum
Weight: 19.6lbs / 8.9kg


Does the Big Round Sign come with screws for mounting?

The Big Round Wall Sign comes with screws for mounting on drywall and wood, and concrete. Other types of screws are available from your local supplies store.

Does logo printing come with the circular wall sign?

All of our signage arrives blank, but we offer advice on powder-coating and decal printing for creating custom signs tailored to your needs. If you'd like your sign branded, we'd recommend getting in touch with a local signwriter who will be able to help you. 

How big is the round surface on the Big Round Sign?

The round surface on the shop sign measures 32"/80.6cm (diameter) and protrudes 38"/96.2cm from the wall.

What height do you recommend mounting the round business sign?

We recommend mounting the store sign above 3m/118" high. This gets the shop sign out of the way for people walking past, whilst still being at a good height for visibility. However, the mounting height for the Big Round Wall sign really depends on each location.

What material is the round storefront sign made from?

The shopfront sign is made from 100% aluminium. We made the round shop sign from aluminium as this material doesn't rust and lasts better outside than other shopfront signage materials such as wood and steel, even in coastal areas with salty sea air.

Is the round shop sign safe in high wind locations?

Although sturdy when correctly installed, we wouldn’t recommend installing the Big Round Sign in a very exposed, windy location due to the large surface area of the faceplate.

Do you make the Big Round Sign in a smaller size?

Yes, we do make smaller versions of the Big Round Sign! Take a look at the Round Sign, Medium Round Sign, and for something even smaller, check out the Circle Sign. Our Round Light Box Sign is a light-up sign that's easily visible at night, and we have the Large Store Sign and Square Panel Sign for different shapes. For more options, take a look at our full range of outdoor signs for business.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews

Amazing quality! Easy installation, Gorgeous and simple, elegant.


This sign went great and we really liked painting on the matte texture of the sign.

Denise McGah
Perfect Statement Sign for Your Ranch Property and Guesthouse!

We purchased the big round sign to announce the entrance of our ranch property and our guesthouse which is on VRBO. It perfectly complements the stone and our metal gates and looks modern but classic. We applied vinyl lettering of our logo and it adhered perfectly to the heavy duty metal.

Madeline McNaughton
I love it!

Thank you. Love my sign. :~)

Powers Gray
Elegantly Perfect

Love ALL things George and Willy! So simple and elegant, and always made with the best quality and care.