Across the world, region by region, Covid restrictions are easing, allowing eateries, cafes, restaurants, stores and bars to open their doors again and welcome customers back. It’s been challenging year for most, but there are silver linings to every situation, and plenty of ways to take advantage of it too. We’ve jotted down a few tips to prepare for re-opening now normality is resuming, encouraging old customers back and hopefully inviting a few new ones!

Tell everyone! 

Ensuring customers know you're back open sounds simple, but it can also easily be forgotten in the excitement. Be sure to update your opening hours on Google and Facebook, announce it on social media, and let people passing by know by using effective signage to encourage them back. Our Chalk Sandwich Board is a brilliant option for catching people’s attention on the pavement or sidewalk, and could display a countdown to your official open date, which can be updated daily with the use of chalk. 


Refresh visuals 

If you’re allowed to reopen, that means everyone else will be too. No doubt, plenty of customers will be excited to return to normality and enjoy their favorite eatery again, and you may have lots of competition in the streetscape, all vying for those customers' attention. Use reopening as an opportunity to update the method you use to attract guests, perhaps using an A-Frame Sign on the sidewalk, an eye-catching Big Round Sign, or a unique menu letter board

 Big Round Sign - George and Willy

Covid guidelines 

We may be able to open our doors again, but the risk of spreading Covid may still be prevalent and something we all want to avoid. Whether it’s a legal requirement, or you simply want to help customers feel safe in your space, effective signage explaining Covid regulations in your venue plays an important part of keeping the virus at bay. You could add your guidelines to the Countertop Sign or Specials Board, advising whether guests should be wearing a face mask, if they need to maintain a certain distance, or if you’re limiting the number of people that can safely enjoy your space. 

Update your menu 

You may have rethought your menu and offering in time for opening, so why not rethink the way you display it? Reopen with a new menu display and showcase your product offering on a unique menu board, such as the Atelier Menu Board and Magnetic Menu BoardAll of our menu and letter boards can be stacked above or beside each other to extend the signage, and with the use of the Barn Door Hardware, menus and messages can be hidden or revealed as and when you like. 


Show your appreciation 

It’s certainly been a tough year for all of us, and if you’re reopening your business anytime soon, we’re sure you’ll be over the moon to be welcoming customers back, seeing familiar faces, and returning to normality in general. Show your customers and guests your appreciation for their support by displaying a message of gratitude. Our Studio Roller, Wooden Tabletop Sign or Wooden Letter Board are perfect options for this, easily changeable and customisable. You could always opt for using Stamp Letters on the Studio Roller for a fun and creative way to display a message if your handwriting isn't award-winning.



Phoebe Paterson