Wall Mounted Cafe Table.

$520 AUD

Colour: White

The Wall Mounted Cafe Table is designed as both a minimal & practical seating solution for your cafe, bistro, or restaurant. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments, the Wall Mounted Cafe Table provides the perfect space for a cup of coffee.


The cafe table mounting pole can be installed either "tall", or "short". The "tall" orientation is designed to be mounted on a bench seat. Whereas the "short" orientation is designed to work best mounted to the wall.

Tabletop Diameter: 400mm
Tall-Orientation Height*: 500mm
Short-Orientation Height*: 320mm
Material: Aluminum, zinc-coated steel
Weight: 3kgs (holds 8kgs)
Suitable for indoor & outdoor use.

*Measured from the lower screw hole of the wall bracket to the table top.


How far off the wall does the table protrude?

The cafe table has two mounting options, the pole can be installed either tall, or short. The "tall" mount is designed to work on a bench seat.
Whereas the "short" mount is designed to ideally work against a wall.

The tabletop also allows for further forward or backwards adjustment on the centre-mounted pole to suit your needs. If you mount your table using the tall orientation, the table edge will protrude 560 - 715mm from the surface it is mounted on. If you mount your table using the short orientation it will protrude 420-530mm from the wall-mount.

Can the Wall Mounted Table be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, we have designed the Wall Mounted Bistro Table to be suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

How much weight can the Cafe Table hold?

The restaurant side table is designed to support up to 8kgs.

What tools do you need to install the Wall Mounted Cafe Table?

The Wall Mounted Cafe Table can be installed using a drill by itself, however, we recommend an experienced builder installs the bistro table as you will need to ensure that the fixings are secured into solid timber in the wall. Each order comes with handy instructions too. 

Does the Wall Mounted Cafe Table include everything I need for installation?

The Wall Mounted Cafe Table includes all the necessary parts for easy installation. All screws are included with the bistro table inside the packaging.

What material is the Wall Mounted Cafe Table made out of?

The Wall Mounted Cafe Table is made from Aluminum and is completely weatherproof so designed to suit a variety of indoor and outdoor restaurant, cafe, or bistro environments.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Emma Taylor
The perfect cafe table!

Absolutely love our new tables!We currently have three at the front our cafe and have received so many compliments on them! About to buy another to finish the look. So easy to install and very sturdy!

Regan Sommerville
Mint as

Made our space feel special - got people talking!

Sara Lezama
Great Cafe Tables !

We recived our new cafe tables and installed them same day out front of our shop, it was super easy to set up ! Its such a great look