Whether you're designing a restaurant, creating a coffee shop menu, or looking for ideas for café signage, we have you covered with a range of tips and tricks to make your business stand out.

People often ask us, "What is the best sign to use for my coffee shop?", but there is no one-size-fits-all, and plenty of the considerations come down to personal preference, aesthetic, design and layout, and available space. It is important to research into what signage is important to include in a café so you can best showcase your business to customers.

Our business signage is broken down into two basic categories – Signage and Letter Boards.

The George & Willy Store Sign and Wooden Sandwich Board at @olivebranch_shop

Signage Styles

There are many different types of sign to use, both indoor and outdoor, and these can all suit a variety of hospitality sectors. Firstly, consider what customer’s will see first, which will most likely be signage from the street or outside your business. Outdoor signage takes many forms, and can range from sidewalk lollipop signs like our Standing Sign, stand-alone A-Frame signs like the Chalk Sandwich Board, and wall-mounted signage like our S tore Sign. Incorporating a range of external signage solutions outside your business maximises the likelihood of being seen by a range of people walking, driving, or passing by.


A great example of signage done well by @eatatmarta, featuring the George & Willy Store Sign and A-Frame Sandwich Board.

Indoor Signage consists of way-finders, tabletop displays, cabinet signs, and menus (which we will delve into later). Small directional signs that indicate commonly used spaces (like the bathroom, water stations, and cutlery) in a business is essential. How many times have you aimlessly searched around a restaurant in search of the bathroom? Save your customers from the awkward walk by making clear indicators around your store. The Circle Sign or Tabletop Sign are perfect for these kind of messages. Placards or Counter Signs are also important consideration that can be used to advertise yummy cabinet food, daily offerings, weekly specials, or reminders for customers.

For indoor and outdoor signage, it is important to consider your branding and messaging. Vinyl decal from a local signwriter is a great way to get a logo applied on outdoor signage.

Letter Board Menu Styles:

Letter Boards are generally more customisable than signs, designed for an easy, changeable menu that's perfect for cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants. In this category, there are two types of menus to consider, Rail Menus and Board Menus.


One of our most popular rail menus, The Wooden Letter Board catches attention in all the right ways at @badeggsau

Menus that use rails are great for fitting into a space due to the ease and ability to customize for your needs. Products like the Atelier Letter Board, Magnetic Menu Board, Scout Letter Display, and Wooden Letter Board enable you to showcase your menu on the wall, and can be installed in a format to fit your space, whether spaced out, side-by-side, or condensed. 

Menu Boards can be paired together to showcase a large menu or used individually to display a drinks list or similar. We love installing the Park Letter Board and Stamp Menu Board side-by-side as a fun way to display café or restaurant offerings.

Better present your shop or store with unique signage set to elevate your space.

George Wilkins